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Different Use of Marble Tiles At Home

September 27, 2012

Marble tiles have been used as construction materials for thousands of years now. There are some architectural works that brag of the use of marble. These tiles have been used both in European and Asian countries.

Now you can see these tiles being used for flooring, marble countertops, garden tables, sink and even small sculptures which can enhance the beauty of a landscape garden. Now whatever part of your home, you can always use marble stones to accentuate that specific area. And as you install these tiles, you will surely notice the increasing beauty of the area. Be it a bathroom vanity or a kitchen flooring, marble fountain in the garden or a marble fireplace mantle – for sure you will agree that marble has a lot of usage to your home.

Marble, being a natural stone and has classy looks, homebuilders have exploited this features to their benefit. These tiles are used in order to create functional yet elegant home interiors. These tiles can add decorative touch for your home. During the early times, these tiles are being used for halls and courtyards. And now these marble tiles are being used for floors inside offices and homes. It can provide an exquisite feel as well as luster for the room.

Marble tiles are can be installed in bathrooms. The floors look more beautiful and add classy touch for the entire room. These tiles are also being used in pathways, hallways and different other locations in the room. If you want to have an aesthetic look for your room, then installing marble tiles could be a great idea. It can appear natural, and at the same time it can fulfill the purpose of being decorative pieces. These tiles are known for their unique features and it is a popular choice among the different building materials.

As you install marble tiles to a room, it can have the combination of elegance, simplicity and royalty. And once these tiles are installed properly and successfully, it is hardly any need to make any improvement in the interiors. These tiles are versatile in nature that makes interior designer to choose them in creating a unique and unconventional look. Aside from wall tiling and flooring, these tiles are can be used in number of sculptures. It can be used in different structures like countertops, sinks and outdoor table.

Another reason why marble tiles are being the most sought after and in demand materials is that they are cleaned easily. These tiles can be easily sanitized and they can be kept clean of allergens, bacteria, pathogens and germs. And because of this, most hospital prefer to use these tiles as their flooring materials.

Ella Ayson

A Guide On Shopping For Marble Tiles — Three Things That You Need To Consider Before Buying Tiles

April 12, 2011

Of of all different materials that people can use when creating the best possible floors, marble has managed to earn itself a grand reputation due to its great aesthetic appeal that comes along with the big benefits of strength and durability which is always a general standard when it comes to having floors that exceed expectations.

There are a lot of places where marble is seen, from public locations like expensive hotels to private places like various home space, and the reason that marble tiles have gained so much popularity from people around the world is because of the fact that marble continues to provide people with everything that is necessary in a good quality flooring material. If you are going to use any material, you might as well use the best!

Now, when it comes to the actual marble tile, you are going to need to consider a number of things which will help you decide which among the many marble tiles options is going to be most suitable for your project. Needless to say, different types of marble tile will have their own distinct appeal which you can utilize to gain the greatest set of benefits.

One of the basic things that you will need to decide upon is the color that you want the marble tiles to be. While marble usually comes in neutral tones such as beige, there are also some other darker varieties like black and deep red which have their own appeal. It is always a good idea to check out the other design aspects of the area that you are having the marble floors installed so that there will be no clash in colors.

If you are going to have marble floors installed into any area, you are going to need to make sure that you have the tiles installed properly, and you will need to find someone who can do this job even before you start buying the tiles so that you can discuss the options and see how well your plan is going to materialize when the actual installation period starts. It is going to cost you a bit of money to hire someone, but you are only going to need to go through this process once, so you might as well make sure that the person you hire is a professional.

Last, but not least, would be finding a supplier that can provide you with the best quality marble tile materials that you can find on the market. Make sure that you get your tiles from a supplier that sells genuine marble!

Joan Vonnegut

Beauty That Can Withstand Ages – Using Mosaic Tiles To Turn Simple Into Something More Profound

April 12, 2011

It is amazing how they managed to make a mediocre-looking hallway into a fancy-looking simply by replacing your typical granite tile into something more… expressive. In this situation, the mediocre hallway tiles were replaced by mosaic tiles. Its sleek and sophisticated look makes this tile an instant “best buy” for today’s builders. Why pay for a quality tile that costs more than your monthly mortgage, when you can get the best price, at a greatly reduced price.

The luxury homes in Miami made it a point that elegance doesn’t need to be attached to the word pricey, as it is proven yet again that the home of your dreams is just one click away. So if you think you are capable of moving to the next step, then getting a house in Miami Beach is probably the best move for the entire decade. For more information, check out the listings in your area or get in touch with a real estate agent, as they will make the process a breeze.

Different styles influence people from different walks of life, and the same thing applies when it comes to matters that concern design issues. Some of the most artistic people in world will tend to play up the most mundane of concepts in such a way that it can stray away from bordering on being dull and unimpressive.

If you should fancy yourself as one of these people who has a tendency to strike up magnificent ideas in moments where the average person would usually settle for boring old concepts, then surely you must have the luxury of living in a space that is remarkable in its design.

It has been noted that the visible presence of colors and textures in any living space can definitely be one of the best keys in conjuring up emotions of fondness among people who encounter them, and it becomes quite elemental for a designer to find the best possible ways of utilizing these keys so that they work as effectively as possible. There are many mediums that can be considered when it comes to this process, allowing people to decipher the method that they feel is most suitable in going about the ideas that they have envisioned.

Now, instead of focusing on what is not present around the confines of your home, why don’t you start with the floor? After all, the floor is one of the first things that need attention anyway. Sometimes, all you need are decent looking mosaic tiles which are available online or by visiting home improvement centers. With mosaic tiles as an option for improving your home, you will immediately notice the difference and mood of the place just by looking at your house.

Joan Vonnegut

Taking Care Of Your Marble Tiles — These Tiles Still Need Tender Care Despite Their Strong Nature

March 17, 2011

There are such beautiful qualities to marble floors which make for such a pleasant addition to any home. Of course, there are certain things that you would need to keep in mind in order to ensure these two things: a) keeping the shine alive on the polished surface of the marble, and b) making sure that the material retains its strong durable nature so that you can enjoy your floors for many years ahead.

Marble has always been seen, even in ancient architecture, and the great strength that is evident in the material is something that has remained to be truly impressive over the centuries. One might think that a substance so strong would not need to be taken care of, but that kind of thinking would not only be wrong and quite careless, it would also be a waste of money because — let’s face it — marble isn’t cheap. That is why a lot of people are encouraged to read about marble once they decide to use this material for their own homes. Why? So they can make the most of this excellent material choice.

Despite the tough exterior, people need to understand that the outside part of marble is really quite sensitive, which is why people need to put a bit of work in so that they can retain its original shine throughout the years. Simple contact with sand and dirt are likely to scratch and damage the smooth surface of your marble tiles, which is why doormats are always a smart way to deal with this pesky problem. And if substances as small as sand can leave marks on your marble tiles, what more if you were to drag your couch all the way across the room where you have these marble floors? That is why people should protect the legs of any objects around the house which might leave imprints on the surface of your marble tiles.

As far as wet substances are concerned, there are certain liquids which pose a threat on the shine of your marble tile floors. Examples of these liquids are citric juices such as lemon and orange juice and other fruit drinks, soda beverages, and alcoholic beverages such as wine. When these liquids come into contact with your marble tiles, there is a possibility that these substances may leave a mark on the surface which can be quite obvious to the naked eye.

Despite the fact that marble tiles can be quite sensitive despite their strong and resilient nature, it is important to keep an eye on how these tiles are being utilized just to ensure that they are being used in ways which do not pose a threat on the floors in general.

Joan Vonnegut

Using Glass Mosaic Tiles To Update Your Home — Boring Old Fireplaces Can Benefit From Mosaic Tiles

March 17, 2011

Fireplaces are one of the home features that people can find in locations which are prone to experiencing cold to chilly weather conditions. While not every household has one, those that do find that there is something very enjoyable about having one — especially when the fireplace that they have is one that is particularly appealing to those who should ever sit around it to keep warm.

Most fireplaces are pretty basic in their design. Most are made out of either brick or stone, while others are a bit more modern in their approach as they go by pre-fabricated designs made with sheet metal fire boxes. While these are able to do the trick as far as heating the area up, they may easily grow old-looking and quite dull. People who try to steer clear of having such boring components to their fireplace find that hanging art pieces above the fireplace can spruce up the fireplace area, but that can only do so much because it would merely be one way of diverting the on-looker’s attention from the fireplace itself onto the art which hangs above it. At the end of the day, anyone who were to look back down at the fireplace would still find that the feature is one that is dull and lifeless despite the flames that lick and dance around whenever the fireplace is lit up.

One might wonder how you could possibly upgrade the fireplace so that it would somehow radiate a smart and sensible flair that can definitely bring bursting life into the space where the fireplace is located. One great idea that is not very often used involves having glass mosaic tiles installed to transform the fireplace from being boring to vibrant.

Mosaic tiles have always been a fresh approach to renewing any space that would surely benefit from a new look, and the same thing goes for fireplaces. The best thing about having your fireplace upgraded with the use of mosaic tiles is that the entire room is going to gain aesthetic plus points from the project once it has reached completion.

First of all, you will need to think about how you are to go about the tile installation. Fireplaces with smooth surfaces are easier to work with because the tiles are sure to adhere very well on the existing surfaces. When it comes to the mantle area of the fireplace, glass mosaic tiles make for an excellent choice because of the modern touch that mosaic tiles are able to provide to any surface.

As far as choosing the glass mosaic tile you are going to use, it is as simple as checking with your local tile distributor to find out what colors and styles they have so that you can decide which one you feel is going to work harmoniously with your overall design.

Joan Vonnegut

How to Maintain the Shine of Your Marble Tile Flooring

March 12, 2011

People want to have an attractive home which can make them feel relax after a long and busy day. Another reason why people want to have an appealing home is to attract guests and others.

Yes, people usually see to it that there homes are attractive enough to please others. Due to these, they make sure to have a beautiful and clean home. Using marble tiles for your flooring can make an elegant and appealing home. But you have to make sure it is place properly, so you have to hire a professional to make sure it is properly placed.

There are heaps of different marble tiles so you just simply choose the one that best fit your home. In order to add the aesthetic value, you have to pick marble tiles that match your home’s style and design. Marble tiles vary from sizes, shapes, textures and pattern, so just use your creativity in selecting the right one for your home.

Marble tiles are not cheap, they are quite expensive, but your money is worth it because it can definitely make a home beautiful, elegant and aside from that it can last for long period of time. So in order to maintain the beauty and shine of your marble tile flooring, you need to clean it and take good care of it.

You need to know all the tools you need and prepare them. Mop, vacuum cleaner, clean cloth and neutral cleaning solution are the tools that you need in cleaning and maintaining your marble tile flooring. There are lots of cleaning solutions out there but you need to pick the right one for your marble tile flooring. Marble tiles are permeable and sensitive, so you need to pick one which is not acidic and do not have neutral PH.

You need to clean your marble tile flooring, remove the dust by using the vacuum cleaning. As soon as the marble tile flooring is free from dust, you can put the cleaning solution then mop it. Mop the whole marble tile flooring, as soon as you’re done, check out if there are still some wet areas and wipe them dry. To make your marble tile flooring looks shiny, polish it.

It is better to maintain the cleanliness of your flooring everyday by taking care of it. You do not need to do the process everyday; all you have to do is prevent it from stains or dirt. Marble tiles can be damaged with high level of acids, so you have to make sure that your marble tile flooring is away from any acidic substances such as vinegar, orange juices and so on.

If in case some acidic substances are pored in your marble tile flooring, clean it right away with soft, clean cloth and cleaning solution. If water is spilled, clean it right away to prevent water stains.

Marble tile flooring can make a home attractive and beautiful, so you have to maintain it and take good care of it so to continually give shine and beauty to one’s home.

Eliza Maledevic Ayson

Marble Tile: Providing Beauty, Elegance And Class To Your Home

March 9, 2011

It has been one of the best choices of a lot of households choosing a marble tiles for their home. Undoubtedly, it has the characteristic that can make your home improvement a lot easier than expected. For home owners who have marble tiles in their home, the advantages of having it installed on their floorings are really obvious to the eye owner.

This is true especially if you have maintain the cleanliness of your marble tiles, making sure that no stains or dirt will stick on your tile will surely give your home a bright ambience. Sparkling flooring can be achieved through maintaining its cleanliness and using appropriate cleanser. By using a polisher, you can make your marble tile shine and will surely impress your guest or visitors.

Another good thing of having marble tile in your home is that it can complement any decoration on your home. With its natural design and shape, you can artistically create a design that is unique. You can create your own design by matching shapes available for your marble tile. The classy look and elegance that it can bring to your home is one of the greatest things that you can have in installing it on your home. Though it can be expensive, your money will surely worth the price of having one on your home. Giving your home the classy look and leaving a good impression from your guest.

Marble tile is naturally built with own design, using it for your home may need some consideration on your existing home decoration, but in over all design consideration it can easily be match with other decoration as long as you have installed and maintain it regularly. Marble is not only use for floorings, it is also use for sculpture, its durability has made marble a famous material for flooring and a good aid for home improvement. Most of the modern homes today use marble tiles in their home because of its decorative characteristics that make it number one in terms of flooring materials.

So, if you are planning to build a home, you may want to consider a marble tiles for you home to get the benefit that it offer and the advantages that a lot of households are enjoying now days. It is a matter of accentuating the beauty of your home through a well known material that can provide beauty, elegance and class into your home.

Allison Ayson

How to Maintain Your Marble Tile Flooring

March 9, 2011

Marble tile is a wonderful choice for homeowners because of the varied designs that come naturally with this kind of flooring. The earth-tones make it a breeze to coordinate the rest of the home with the floor, yet the venation is snowflake-like, making no two floors the same. Not only that, marble is generally hypoallergenic, it does not trap bacteria.

Now the catch is how to keep your marble tile floor as beautiful as the day you had it installed. Marble is a natural stone, thus making it pre-disposed to stains. The homeowner should take precautionary steps as well as preventive maintenance to keep their marble floor as it should be.

It would be best not to use marble in high-traffic areas (e.g. foyer, kitchen). When this is unavoidable, using a glazed marble tile is a good idea. It still needs regular cleaning, but is more resistant to staining and damage.

Marble is prone to a number of different kinds of stains. The most common are stains and discoloration caused by acidic substances which are the result of little household accidents. Spilled vinegar and citric juices are common culprits of marble floor stains. Even leaving spilled water on the marble floor may cause spots if not attended to because of the porous quality of this natural stone. The solution is to immediately mop up or wipe away the liquids that come in contact with the floor, not allowing it any time to settle.

Other common stains come from tannic liquids or solutions like tea, beer and wine. Like the way they can stain clothes, or even your teeth, they also create hard-to-remove stains on marble floors, since marble is very reactive to acidic substances. A good remover for these sort of stains is Hydrogen Peroxide with a few drops of Ammonia.

Stains in kitchens with marble floors are generally from oils. Cooking oil, oily foods and grease may leave drops on the marble tile, leaving unsightly discoloration, not to mention the hazard of slippery floors. Applying a mild household detergent and quickly scrubbing and drying the spots will get your floor spic and span.

Rust stains may result when you have metallic items which oxidize because of the damp, leaving a rust stain on your floor. Think metallic flower and ornamental plant pots. A nice little household tip to remove rust stains is to use a mixture of lemon juice and salt. It works especially well on rust stains on colored marble. The homeowner should watch out though and make sure not to let the lemon juice stay on the marble floor overlong.

Seeing a discolored marble floor is certainly disturbing. One good solution is to use Hydrogen Peroxide or bleach to return it to its original color. To maintain a good shine, using polishing powder is very effective. A buffing machine is used to apply the powder to the floor.

Now for those who would like to use a more permanent method of maintenance, diamond sanding is a good choice. This is particularly for those homeowners who would like to restore the shine their marble floor used to have. Make sure to choose a professional sander because if this method is done wrong, it may leave circular sanding marks on your floor from the use of uneven diamond abrasive pads.

Last but not the least, we have the two most important maintenance methods of all, which are the cheapest and most effective too. One, clean your marble floor daily with a neutral pH cleanser and water, making sure to dry quickly after. Two, dirt and grime tracked in from daily traffic should be cleaned or wiped away immediately. Doing these two things will definitely sustain the beauty of your marble floor, letting you and your family enjoy the charm it brings to your home.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor

How to Find the Best Miami Marble Tile

March 8, 2011

Bathroom tiles, like the Miami marble tile, are a de rigueur for any, well, bathroom. Whether you want utility or aesthetic, you need to install tiles in every bathroom of your home. Fortunately, innately combines this disparity. There are, however, several things to always keep in mind in order to find the best among the bunch.

For starters, you have to define your preference: Do you want a pre-made Miami marble tile or customer-made ones? Each has its own pros and cons. Pre-made tiles are indeed tremendously accessible but the design could be a limiting, especially if your taste is particularly discriminating. On the other hand, the problem with the design will be easily fixed by a custom tile. The only catch is the price; you need to cough up a larger fee for customized tiles because of the quality and craftsmanship.

Speaking of price, you also need to set a budget. The Miami marble tile is diverse in terms of style and design. They are also available in wide price ranges. If you want to avoid overspending, doing some window shopping beforehand can definitely help you find the right tiles at the right price. This will eventually help you set the budget for your shopping plan. Remember to always do the shopping minus the spree. In this economic climate, you still need to think about your finances in general regardless of what you are planning to purchase.

The design is also another consideration. This depends on the overall style you want for your bathroom. Homeowners who are picky when it comes to aesthetics, prefer to take their time looking for the right Miami marble tile. This is generally applicable to everybody buying bathroom flooring. You must first know what bathroom style you want is before you can buy the tiles that will go well with it. Since there are several different designs, be sure to take some time considering your options.

The size comes next. Like the design, you can buy sets of Miami marble tile in wide-ranging sizes. The choice will mainly depend on your preferences. If you want a uniform look, going for same-sized tile is the best. You can also choose large tiles for larger bathroom since this will cut significant installation time. Nevertheless, always include such things in your list of considerations and you’ll easily find the best bathroom tiles.

Mark Michael Ferrer

Maintenance Needed For Your Marble Tile Miami

March 8, 2011

Marble is the popular choose of most homeowner for their flooring material. But aside from your flooring, this tile can also be used for you countertop and wall for your bathroom.

There are some homeowners who want to have a different look for their counter that is why they choose these tiles as their countertop material. There are some who want their bathroom to look more elegant that is why they prefer to have it to achieve their goal. There are even restaurant that choose this material in order to create an elegant ambiance for their restaurants. The popularity of the marble tiles Miami is due to the fact that it is very durable. And because of its durability, a lot of people prefer it as their flooring material.

Marble tiles Miami comes in various designs this is all because of the formation of minerals and other substance that is within the marble. The design and color of this tile is naturally made. And because it is form naturally, you can rely on its durability. And because of this there are lots of homeowners who prefer it as the finishing materials for their home. Having this material you can be sure to achieve beauty and elegance for your home.

Yes it is true that marble tile Miami is very elegant and beautiful. But keep in mind that it will look dull and dreary if you do not know the proper care and maintenance needed. Most of the time people are contented with the beauty and spark that it can bring to their home. But with proper care it can give more than what you expect from it. And because it is made naturally, it is very important that you know how to properly handle it especially when cleaning it.

In cleaning it, you have to start with sweeping the floor. This is to remove those dust and soil that can cause scratches. After sweeping it then you can wipe it with a soft cloth with mild solution. There are harsh detergents that can cause your marble tile Miami’s discoloration. Discoloration can make your marble dull. You can always use ordinary or any mild detergent in cleaning your tiles. It is important to avoid pointed materials get into your marble tiles. You have to avoid smashing hard things like crushing some ices for it will break your marble. Another important reminder that you need to keep in mind is to avoid spills of acidic liquids. It is important to wipe the spills immediately to avoid permanent marks on it.

Ella Ayson