Key Biscayne Real Estate

March 8, 2014

The large deck Rickenbacker Causeway , overcoming Biscayne Bay , connecting the island of Key Biscayne, and condominium buildings , luxurious hotels , properties charms , to the city of Miami.

A condominium Key Biscayne Florida –
Miles of beaches have fine white sand are aligned along the crystal clear waters , and many parks occupy a large part of the area of the island.

Calm and natural tranquility Village Key Biscayne, so close indeed the continent , and the excitement of Miami and South Beach, attract many visitors , but the construction is limited.

Real Estate Agent Village of Key Biscayne Key Biscayne, is in June 1991 , is located in the center of an area of ​​about 2.5 km2 , on an island four miles by two , between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay . Key Biscayne is bounded to the north and South Crandon Park the Bill Baggs State Park.
Key Biscayne Real Estate – Florida – Rusty Pelican
Its population is estimated at 10,507 inhabitants in 2000, and occupied 1,296 houses and 5,022 condominium units .
It is there 7 shopping centers and offices with a total area of ​​over 232,000 P2.
30 acres of beach, which extend from 6000 to Crandon Park Bills Baggs, and the Lighthouse .
5 public parks , community center with gym and swimming pool and 9.5 acres of Village Green, a large leisure center and sports.

Real Estate Key Biscayne
Crandon Park is often frequented by photographers and filmmakers. It includes a guarded beach, baseball fields, sand volleyball court , athletics , skating outdoors, parks and children track. It is known for its Ericsson Open tennis tournament every March.

Miami Real Estate – Map of Key Biscayne in Key BiscayneMaisons

Beautiful palm trees lined along the road to Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Recreation Area, or the beach invites you to be a swim and kayak , or rent a small sailboat, canoe or pedal for post noon.

Bill Baggs State Park , except its flagship , has a beach, trails and picnic areas .

If you love the beach and water sports , Key Biscayne may well be for you.

Florida will soon be in the “top 3” of the most populous U.S. states

February 28, 2014

ORLANDO, Fla. – At some point in 2014 , Florida will surpass New York in population terms , becoming the third most populous U.S. state , after California and Texas.
This turning point illustrates the growing influence of the Florida approach 20 million.

” Florida is a kind of icon of the 21st century with regard to changes in population and the increasing role that Latin America plays in the transformation of the country ,” said James Johnson, a business professor at the University of Carolina North . In the 21st century , Florida will be what were California or New York in the 20th century. ”

Florida includes in its territory several strong trends in the United States : the aging of the population , a service-oriented with lots of low-wage economy, and ethnic diversity fueled by the growth of the Hispanic population. As the entire United States, Florida is a destination for migrants and those who want to start a new life .

29 Electoral College votes vested in Florida are among the most coveted in the presidential election because Florida is the largest state of the country with no clear political affiliation.

New residents of Florida, as Michael Richards , 47, cited a series of reasons for their decision to settle in this state : climate, no local income tax , the availability of unskilled jobs and proximity to Latin America and Europe .

“We agree to live three months of hell ( summer) for nine months of good weather ,” says Richards.

Younger population

Although Florida is the U.S. state with the most residents over the age of 65, the elderly account for less than 10 percent of the new residents of the state for several years. The majority of newcomers aged 25 to 64 years , according to an analysis of census data conducted by the Associated Press. About 40 percent of the new residents are under the age of 25 years.

The population of New York is not declining, but the population growth in Florida is much faster. More than 537,000 people have settled in Florida last year, and about a tenth of them came from the state of New York.

As of July 2012, two states had a difference of about 98,000 residents : 19.6 million in the State of New York, compared with 19.5 million in Florida, according to census data published earlier this week .

Orlando Real Estate has a new search engine real estate in Central Florida

February 26, 2014

Tampa to Daytona Beach through Orlando , Winter Park, Windermere, you now have access to all diponibles properties in the area .

Homes or villas in Florida , apartments , townhouses , our search engine connects you directly to the database MLS ( multiple listing system) and allows you to find the latest properties available on the market.

Photos, Google map , Bing Bird view , but similar properties sold in recent months, the descriptive property gives you access to all available data on properties for sale in Central Florida .

You now have the opportunity to do your research on our site by selecting properties by location , price, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. ..

Soon you will have the ability to search for properties by moving on google map , more information to come in our next newsletter:

The Florida real estate market is on the rise

February 25, 2014

Orlando Florida and have been involved in the state’s economic recovery thanks to tourism, which provides approximately $ 3.7 billion in taxable sales to the state. Orlando , Florida, home to the best theme parks in the world . Among its star attractions are the Magic Kingdom Park , Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios , Disney ‘s Animal Kingdom and also has two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon .

The housing market is now hotter than ever and demand for homes in Florida is extremely high . This is where Century 21 Team Feltrim can help . The demand for homes is high and may have difficulties to find and buy the home of your dreams. C21 has a team of highly qualified agents who will work with you to give you the house of your dreams.

It is expected that house prices rise statewide and 11% increase over the previous year, the housing market index released by Standard and Poor’s.
A recent case study of S & P in house prices in the United States, prices of family houses increased by 12% since April 2011, now that the worst of the housing market crisis has been well behind. This boom in the housing market is helping us all to finally emerge from recession .

The latest reading of consumer confidence from the University of Florida shows that this month is the highest level since August 2007, when the recession and housing market crisis won the Sunshine State . But we’re not just us Americans who are advancing the real estate market in this state.

The BMO reported that approximately 13% of properties sold in Sarasota -Bradenton -Venice and Orlando- Kissimmee have been purchased by Canadians. According to statistics of Realtors, the Orlando area has experienced a 6.6% increase in single-family houses and their average price at the end of 2012 it was $ 137,000 .

In the most recent statistics from Florida Realtors, published last February, shows that demand remains strong in this state and has helped raise the price of average sales of single-family homes about 12% just in the last year , $ 168,000 of this being average. The prices of apartments increased by 8.4 % to a median price of $ 136,000.

Equip Your Miami Home With Modern Sofa

May 22, 2013

Since the living room of your home is the perfect place for the household to spend some quality time together, you need to ensure that you equip it with furniture and fixtures that will guarantee the comfort of anyone in it. Such is the case of a sofa.

Sofas are considered as the main furniture for a living room. It should provide comfort to anyone using it, as well as ensuring that it’s big enough for everyone to enjoy. But purchasing any sofa would not be enough to achieve this goal, however; you need to find the perfect one that will fit perfectly with your budget, you and your family’s use for it, as well as the its design that will blend well with the style of your home. Here are some tips that might help you purchase the best ones in the market:

Tip # 1: Design

Since design should be one of your paramount concerns in picking out a modern sofa for your Miami home, then you might want to immerse yourself with various designs being offered by many furniture shops today.

You can begin by checking out furniture catalogs and home improvement magazines on what sofa styles will fit perfectly with the current theme of your family living room. The Internet is also a good source of information in checking out assorted designs from different furniture manufacturers around the world.

Tip # 2: Measurements

To avoid any regrets after purchasing a modern sofa, you might want to measure first the floor area of your living room to get the right furniture for it. Some homeowners suffered over the fact that their furniture did not fit perfectly with the room. This is practically due to the fact that they didn’t consider its size before purchasing one.

In most cases, you first need to measure that area where you want your sofa to be placed in order to purchase the right size. You might want to take the measurement of the living room area as well, to ensure that you will have enough space for the various activities in it.

Tip # 3: Features

Rather than settling for a simple sofa design for your residence, you might want to check out modern features of many the furniture being sold today.

For starters, you can purchase a section sofa rather than purchasing different units for your living room. A section sofa can be combined together to turn it into a big furniture to fit the entire family. You can also separate it into different sections to accommodate a variety of uses.

By Vanessa Arellano Doctor

Miami Luxury Homes

November 24, 2012

Miami Homes

The diversity that makes Miami so amazing is a quality that is clearly reflected in its range of Miami homes which come in many different shapes and sizes that are all designed to provide property buyers with the most outstanding selection of home properties within the region.

With a variety of locations to choose from — including an impressive range of exclusive communities that offer the best living environments possible — property buyers are sure to find Miami homes to be one of the best real estate options in the region today.

Getting the Best Deal in Miami Commercial Real Estate

October 24, 2012

If you are considering commercial real estate, you are on the point of having the opportunity to make some excellent profits. But of course it is important that you know what you are doing and have some great investment strategies that will make you successful.

This is venture that can be very lucrative are you doing it in the right way. But of course it is very important that you learn how to obtain good commercial real estate deals. Today there are different of commercial properties in Miami that you can get involved in such as apartments, to office buildings, warehouses or purchasing a land and developing commercial properties on it.

Strategies to keep in mind

If you are trying to obtain a good commercial real estate deals, it is going to take more than great luck. You should have strategies in place that will help you find thee excellent deal in the first place. Here are some of the few strategies that you should keep in mind when looking for South Florida commercial real estate deals.

Commercial real estate agents

One of the best strategies that you can use to find excellent commercial deals is to hire a commercial real estate agent as well as property managements firms. These professional experts can help you through the entire process and they can even help you find great commercial deals as well. Though you need professional fees to them, you will lessen your risks and you will definitely enjoy excellent benefits that will make the fees well worth it.

Do some research?

Doing your research is the best strategy and for sure you will be able to use it. Make sure that you have research the area you are thinking of investing in and do thorough job. This is especially important if you are planning to invest apartments. You have to find out the average income average of the household in the area, the rates of vacancy and anything you possibly can to help you make a wide decision.

Analyze success of tenants

Another of the strategies that you should be using includes analyzing the success of the tenants before you purchase a commercial property. If tenants are not successful, then you have to think again the purchase. The last thing you need is a building that goes vacant because the businesses of your tenants go under.

Things to remember

There definitely can be a lot to purchasing Miami commercial real estate and even with great strategies you need to make sure that you carefully consider each deal. As you start looking for the perfect properties, you have to make sure to keep these things in mind.

Ella Ayson

Commercial Real Estate — Adding Value To Your Property To Boost Profitability

October 15, 2012

There are a lot of people that turn to the South Florida commercial real estate market because of its great potential to create a sizable profit for any investors. Aside from the actual fact that Miami is one of the best locations for people to place their investments, it has proven to be among the most beautiful places in the United States which can allow an investor to be surrounded by the sensational brilliance of South Florida.

However, there is more to commercial real estate investments than just being able to acquire suitable properties from the Florida investment property market. In fact, it has become known to numerous investors that they also have the power to add value to their investment properties which will essentially be in favor to the investors who are able to do so successfully.

We are now going to look into the possible ways that any investor can add value to an investment property to help them create even more profit in the future starting with a simple step that incorporates the use of language in the Contract of Sale that will grant the investor control over the Miami commercial real estate property which will ideally be during the stages where the least amount of finances are at risk.

In doing so, investors will find it best to learn about contingencies which are basically unexpected events or situations that can influence the financial health of a company. If you are someone who is going to invest in a property then it is best that you learn as much as you can about various contingencies which can be used in order to have some control over the possible risks and rewards of the investment.

Having already acquired a suitable property option from the  market, the idea is to add to its existing value by dedicating reasonable amounts of money into addressing any issues that can improve the overall aesthetic as well as functional value of the investment property.

Whether it involves having landscaping work done or simply having upgrades made which can make the property more appealing, these are all options that will prove to be suitable in your goal of adding value to the property. Sure, it is going to cost you now but the benefits of having a better piece of property will definitely be reflected in the future as profits gained will be increased by the fact that your Miami commercial real estate property now holds more value.

By Joan Vonnegut

Acquiring the Right Miami Foreclosure

October 6, 2012

Miami foreclosure properties are excellent real estate properties that you can consider. Nowadays it pays to have plenty of choices. And when it comes to real estate, you can definitely benefit from the number of available properties in the market including foreclosures.

The enticing quality of Miami foreclosure properties are their affordability. As we all know these properties are the most affordable in the market today. Aside from that there are also relatively accessible especially now that several marketing tools are available for sellers.

While properties in Miami foreclosures are reasonably priced and accessible, finding the right property is also another issue that you need to focus on. In home buying there is always a need for you to separate the available properties in order for you to locate the best home that will be suitable for your standards and preferences. This process is really time consuming and difficult especially with foreclosures.

When buying foreclosure property, the basics of home buying is still apply. This means that you need to hire the right real estate agent in order to help you find the right property. If it is your first time to buy foreclosure property, you must consider hiring someone who is experienced in handling foreclosure demands. You need to hire someone who is expert and specialized foreclosure, experienced and knowledgeable in this field. Miami foreclosure market is a risky market that is why you need the help of a professional in order to help you with the entire process.

In addition to that, it is also important to set your standards. Although foreclosed properties are usually in the neglected state, you can still tell whether the property is right for you or not especially if you already set your preferences ahead of time. Like in any traditional home buying, you need to know the property specifications before you finally decide to purchase the property. Keep in mind to include even the smallest detail of the property.

You have to know the there are plenty of considerations when it comes to Miami foreclosure investment. Money issues or those surrounding your financing are also great concern. You have to make sure that the property is not a money crater before you finally decide to buy otherwise you will regret your purchase in the future. Because of this it is very important to avoid skipping appraisal and inspection. You have to always keep these in mind especially if you are buying a property in the foreclosure at auctions during the property-checks are absolutely necessary. Keep in mind that Miami foreclosure investing can be high-risks, so you have to know what you are getting into in order for you to find the right property.

Ella Ayson

Aventura Real Estate Developments Bring Superior Property Options To People In Miami

October 4, 2012

There have been a number of real estate developments taking place within the Miami in Florida but one of the most impressive happens to be found on the Aventura real estate market where people can expect to find truly outstanding options that are more than what people would have expected from the city that has taken decades to become what it is today.

The city of Aventura started to take shape when developments projects took shape in the 1970s wherein developers had taken the land as a budding prospect which would end up becoming Miami’s own version of Beverly Hills. Eventually, the developers which had been working on building the most impressive series of condominiums in the area had found out for themselves that the area was indeed going to be quite an adventure which is why they had decided to call the area Aventura which is Spanish for “adventure”.

However, Aventura had not been considered as an actual city up until 1995 which was the year that it had officially been incorporated as a city. Now, being one of the most amazing places within the region, it has been referred to by many people as the “City of Excellence” which is a quality that manifests all throughout the city.

People that wish to live within such an ideal city environment will find that doing so can be done quite easily through the many great options that are being made available on the Aventura real estate market which is filled with superior real estate properties that are designed to cater to the many different people who want nothing less than the best location within Miami.

Its most popular real estate properties consist of high-rise residential condominiums which provide people with superb modern home spaces that come with a full range of facilities and amenities that make them perfect for everyday living, but there are also other options such as single-family homes and numerous luxury real estate options that prove to go beyond what most people would expect from the market.

Due to the fact that people can live within such an excellent area that enjoys tropical climate and an abundant range of facilities that make it a complete city to live in, it is a definite must that people who seek the finest real estate options take a look at what the Aventura real estate has to offer and doing so as early as possible is one of the best ways to ensure that people can get winning deals within a city of absolute excellence.

Joan Vonnegut