Recorded 90% decline in real estate projects

The president of the Real Estate Chamber of Venezuela, Aquiles Martini Pietri, questioned the political and ideological predominance of the logic that should prevail to solve the country’s problems. He noted that recorded a fall of more than 90% of the presentation of new projects by the private sector in the public and private banks.

He explained that Venezuelans have been overshadowed builders and lagging function contracts give the Chinese and the Russians; and now they have had to build on the islands of the Caribbean, and Central neighboring countries. “There is a clear discrimination against Venezuelan builders are asking what are the minimum standards,” he said.

In his opinion, today the Venezuelan housing market is practically zero and you cut off the possibility of having the Venezuelan housing through leasing. “Today he talks about a reform of the Leasing Act in own mouth Housing Minister, but begin to ideological parties that make it very difficult to arrange the rules appear,” he stressed.

He recalled that thanks to agreements between the Government and the camera got the throw Commercial Leasing Act positive results after two months of its promulgation.

In an interview with Union Radio regretted that, according to official figures, until the goal of 400,000 homes Housing Mission 50,000 have been built.

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