Colombians among the main investors in real estate in Florida

Citizens residing in Latin America – especially in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela – accounted for 32.1% of all property buyers in Florida, USA; becoming the largest investor group over Canadians (29.6%), Europe (26.6%) and Asians (6.9%). According to annual surveys of the National Association of Realtors (NAR English), Florida has established itself as a destination for investors, mainly in real estate, where 73% of properties transacted were bought by foreign , not necessarily reside in the United States.

“The price of properties in Colombia is very similar or many times more expensive than in Florida, which is why people think of buying and then use it on vacation (22%), rent it as an additional income (40%) or use for both situations (22%), “said Iliana Sagastume, Director of Miami Paradise Investing Consulting, who for fifteen years has specialized in advising investors in Latin America.

According Sagastume, according to the study and research of the NAR, the average price of a home in Florida is $ $ 193,000, however, international buyers, including Colombians, paid an average U.S. $ $ 216,000 during the past year by an average three-bedroom, two bathrooms.

“Many buyers are unaware that you need not be resident in the United States live in Florida or to acquire the assets and / or investments; If to this we add a consultancy in Transparent Spanish, without cost overruns, and the low price per square meter compared to other markets, configures an ideal place to invest in real estate with rates of recovery from 15% to 18% per year scenario, “he concluded Sagastume.

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