Historically high employment prospects improved construction sector CMIC

At the end of 2014, the construction sector recorded a record number of jobs, and with the approval of laws that could promote achieve 6.0% growth for 2016, estimated Bouquet entrepreneurs.

Under the National Infrastructure Forum 2014 of the Chamber of Deputies, the President of the Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry (CMIC), Luis Zárate said in that sense that they welcome that employment in the sector increased .

He noted that in the last three months, 150,000 jobs were recovered, leading to the conclusion that at the end of the sector would reach a record high 5.9 million formal jobs in construction.

He pointed out that if they go hand in hand with the three million indirect jobs will have a critical mass in the segment, conditions should contribute to increased investment in the sector, allowing reactivate during the second half of 2014.

Zarate said that the national infrastructure is another important factor that integrates and congruence to sector programs, plus it adds a long-term public infrastructure policies.

Recognized that good conditions for investment in infrastructure will have support on structural reforms, especially in energy, fiscal, financial and telecommunications, which later this year may already be operating.

He noted that if the interior the advance procurement and an important exercise of public spending coupled with private investment adds, is no guarantee that the second part of the year the Gross Construction Domestic Product to grow 2.0%, which is mount up the fall in 2013.

He explained that the recovery of the sector will have a strong foundation if it can update the legal framework that regulates the construction of basic infrastructure and eventually the involvement of the legislature, which will be crucial to promoting and improving the reform that the College Mexico Civil Engineers, the Chamber of Business Consulting and CMIC been proposed.

CMIC president also recalled the proposal to create a National Infrastructure Coordination, headed by the federal government with the participation of local governments, legislators, academia, business, development banks and serve to promote the National Infrastructure Plan.

With these factors, he said, certainly in 2015 the construction GDP will grow at 4.5 percent and 2016 growth would reach 6.0 percent, bringing the goal of the infrastructure is a lever of development would be met.

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