A Miami businessman pays $ 10 million for the mansion of Pablo Escobar

A Miami businessman bought Thursday a waterfront mansion that once belonged to the late drug lord Pablo Escobar, and said he plans to stay down coral pink which was seized by federal officials in the late 1980s.

Christian Berdouare, owner of a chain of restaurants in Miami, paid 9.65 million dollars for the property of 680 square meters located in a wealthy neighborhood of Miami Beach and stated that the location is the main feature of the property, not your history. “If something influences, negative” Berdouare said of Escobar’s relationship with the mansion. “I do not particularly like drug dealers and do not want to have that energy around me.”

U.S. authorities seized the property in 1987, with assets in real estate in Florida for nearly 20 million of the Medellin cartel. The seizure also included a condominium of 45 apartments, a three room near a popular shopping center in Miami, a ranch in central Florida and complex of 240 houses for rent near Fort Lauderdale who by then was valued at 9, $ 6 million.

Former Miami attorney Roger Schindler bought the mansion to the U.S. Government in 1990 by $ 915,000.

Escobar was among the most wanted drug traffickers in the world between the late 1980s and early posterior, along with members of the Ochoa family that controlled the poster. “The Czar of cocaine” was shot dead in 1993 in Colombia during a raid carried out with help of U.S. drug agents. It is unclear if he ever visited the property in Miami.

“According to residents of the sector and real estate agents, he was definitely here,” said Mirce Curkoski of ONE Sotheby’s Realty, Berdouare firm that represented in the sale. Schindler said that, according to some residents, there was much activity in the house when it belonged to Escobar. “I used to have boats that reached the courtyard sector,” he said.

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