They build New York’s tallest skyscraper thin the Empire State

A thin tallest skyscraper the Empire State will be built in New York. The tower, which has already received the approval of the authorities, will have only 18 feet of frontage . The unique building will be residential .

The slender tower , which will measure 411 meters in height, has been approved by the Commission for the Preservation of Historical Monuments in New York, essential to begin construction pending.

Even more surprising than its height , to surpass the Empire Estate at about 30 meters at its roof , is its slim design , which will decrease as gaining height, which , added to the facade of staggered glass, literally make you look like a stairway to heaven.

Last September, the companies promoting JDS Development and Property Markets Group presented their final plans to the Commission for the Preservation of Monuments, and that construction had to buy the iconic building Steinway Hall, New York headquarters of the famous brand piano , and ensure their preservation to ensure that approved construction of such magnitude.

According to Gregg Pasquarelli , a principal of SHoP Architects design company , the relationship between height and width would be about 25:1 . “It may be the slimmest building ever built .”

It is planned that the project ends in 2016, at which time the hundred lucky buyers can move into their new apartments, one per floor .

The strange thing is that the building , which is the second highest in New York, after One World Trade Center, will be for the exclusive use of owners of their luxury apartments .

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