New York Declares War on private rental housing

The professionally managed vacation rentals , alternative to the controversial lease by individual

Today, travel is no longer synonymous with staying in a hotel. Increasingly, there are alternatives for those who prefer to go at your leisure before opting for fixed hours and impersonality of the hotels. In this context, vacation rentals , and to be managed by individuals or professionals , is emerging as a good option for those looking for authenticity in your trip .

However, New York has declared war on the dwelling for days or weeks by individuals , a widespread practice among the residents of the Big Apple , renting underused room or even your whole house while on rental for extra income to help them pay the high rents in the city. Now , however , this practice may have its days numbered by the reluctance of New Yorkers authorities on this system , articulated by websites specializing in private hire , that connect people who have a space with other , usually tourists who want to rent it.

Recently, the New York attorney general has asked these companies info for all New Yorkers as part of an investigation into abusive practices in the conventional rental customers and opened a deep process of debate about the supposed lawlessness of such rents, which could benefit from loopholes or unclear and ambiguous written laws , officials of the American city , which also denounce tax evasion and deprotection of the client ( which in some cases can be seen as cancel your reservation up to two days before the trip without receiving any compensation for it ) .

In contrast to this model , the holiday rental regulated by professionals is emerging as an option gaining fans every day for their safety and reliability and the guarantee of a safe and efficient service to the customer. is a good example because it offers a catalog of more than 44,000 homes and apartments managed exclusively by professionals, an almost unique in the network , making the portal on a secure platform that reduces the classical risk transactions with private owners. The system provides interesting for both managers, who have a website designed exclusively for them and their needs ( with the technology to upload their properties easily and quickly on the web) and with flexible terms , allowing them to choose the requirements for cancellation or percentage of the down payment , and also for customers who have a secure service with the assurance that they rent apartments are in good condition and complete trust in the time of booking and payment, since the system is completely safe.

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