Caen loan applications for home purchases in the U.S.

Applications for loans to buy homes , a key real estate sales indicator fell in the last week in the U.S., reported the Mortgage Bankers Association of that country.

A survey prepared by the entity , released yesterday , showed that the rate dropped 5 % in a country where the real estate market was one of the hardest hit from the start of the economic crisis in 2007.

Orders for home loans fell 2 % due to falling demand for loans for house purchase and for refinancing.

That meter in late 2013 touched its lowest level since 2000 , following the announcement that the U.S. Federal Reserve would begin to reduce its program of monthly bond buying 85 billion dollars.

The survey covers over 75 % of orders for retail residential mortgage loans in the United States.

A recent expert report showed that low interest rates and rising demand in December 2013 favored the sale of existing homes in the United States, but dwindled housing starts .

Other indicators show some health sector due to the rise in household formation and demand encouraged the interest of builders to carry out new projects , according to Prensa Latina .

Two opposing forces impact the market : a mismatch between the values ​​up with a weak revenue growth , which made homeownership less affordable for many Americans , say the analysts.

The explosion of the housing bubble in 2008 called one of the most severe in recent decades economic crisis strongly affected the whole world because of the high interconnectedness of global financial markets.

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