Miami real estate market will grow 13.2 percent this year

CONSUMIAMI During 2014 , several real estate specialists claimed that the projection of the Miami market will continue to rise.

The Real State in the state of Florida is one of the sectors that generate dividends. This was stated Lynda Fernandez VP . Public Relations Miami Realtors . ” The furniture market in Miami has recovered faster than thought . , After the crisis of 2008 .”

At that time the lower house sales fell by over 75 percent. ” Although today the reality is totally different and is that sales quickly recovered by foreign investment . Indeed , on average a home today is located in approximately 60 days.

The city of Miami is ranked No. 2 ranking property sales in the United States and holds the 3rd place as the most populous Dowtown .

Meanwhile, Miguel Correa, Consultant and Director of Miami District , began claiming that intervention : ” According to surveys, 75 percent of the buildings in Brickell are sellers , which shows that the market in Miami, is growing rapidly and producing millions of dollars. “

Correa said the Downtown Miami currently has 200 thousand inhabitants and in many cases foreign investors rent their properties, and is based on the habitability of housing census has been carried out which yielded this figure.

Finally , the experts agreed that Venezuela and Brazil are the countries providing the largest number of foreign investors to South Florida.

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