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Florida will soon be in the “top 3” of the most populous U.S. states

February 28, 2014

ORLANDO, Fla. – At some point in 2014 , Florida will surpass New York in population terms , becoming the third most populous U.S. state , after California and Texas.
This turning point illustrates the growing influence of the Florida approach 20 million.

” Florida is a kind of icon of the 21st century with regard to changes in population and the increasing role that Latin America plays in the transformation of the country ,” said James Johnson, a business professor at the University of Carolina North . In the 21st century , Florida will be what were California or New York in the 20th century. ”

Florida includes in its territory several strong trends in the United States : the aging of the population , a service-oriented with lots of low-wage economy, and ethnic diversity fueled by the growth of the Hispanic population. As the entire United States, Florida is a destination for migrants and those who want to start a new life .

29 Electoral College votes vested in Florida are among the most coveted in the presidential election because Florida is the largest state of the country with no clear political affiliation.

New residents of Florida, as Michael Richards , 47, cited a series of reasons for their decision to settle in this state : climate, no local income tax , the availability of unskilled jobs and proximity to Latin America and Europe .

“We agree to live three months of hell ( summer) for nine months of good weather ,” says Richards.

Younger population

Although Florida is the U.S. state with the most residents over the age of 65, the elderly account for less than 10 percent of the new residents of the state for several years. The majority of newcomers aged 25 to 64 years , according to an analysis of census data conducted by the Associated Press. About 40 percent of the new residents are under the age of 25 years.

The population of New York is not declining, but the population growth in Florida is much faster. More than 537,000 people have settled in Florida last year, and about a tenth of them came from the state of New York.

As of July 2012, two states had a difference of about 98,000 residents : 19.6 million in the State of New York, compared with 19.5 million in Florida, according to census data published earlier this week .

Orlando Real Estate has a new search engine real estate in Central Florida

February 26, 2014

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The Florida real estate market is on the rise

February 25, 2014

Orlando Florida and have been involved in the state’s economic recovery thanks to tourism, which provides approximately $ 3.7 billion in taxable sales to the state. Orlando , Florida, home to the best theme parks in the world . Among its star attractions are the Magic Kingdom Park , Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios , Disney ‘s Animal Kingdom and also has two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon .

The housing market is now hotter than ever and demand for homes in Florida is extremely high . This is where Century 21 Team Feltrim can help . The demand for homes is high and may have difficulties to find and buy the home of your dreams. C21 has a team of highly qualified agents who will work with you to give you the house of your dreams.

It is expected that house prices rise statewide and 11% increase over the previous year, the housing market index released by Standard and Poor’s.
A recent case study of S & P in house prices in the United States, prices of family houses increased by 12% since April 2011, now that the worst of the housing market crisis has been well behind. This boom in the housing market is helping us all to finally emerge from recession .

The latest reading of consumer confidence from the University of Florida shows that this month is the highest level since August 2007, when the recession and housing market crisis won the Sunshine State . But we’re not just us Americans who are advancing the real estate market in this state.

The BMO reported that approximately 13% of properties sold in Sarasota -Bradenton -Venice and Orlando- Kissimmee have been purchased by Canadians. According to statistics of Realtors, the Orlando area has experienced a 6.6% increase in single-family houses and their average price at the end of 2012 it was $ 137,000 .

In the most recent statistics from Florida Realtors, published last February, shows that demand remains strong in this state and has helped raise the price of average sales of single-family homes about 12% just in the last year , $ 168,000 of this being average. The prices of apartments increased by 8.4 % to a median price of $ 136,000.