Fort Lauderdale Condo Overtaken by Hotel Developments

Yes, the boom that we all now from the Fort Lauderdale Condo market is over, it has its good days but now it’s behind all of us. As much as we want to keep the boom in tact, we all know that nothing last forever. It is official by default, the downtown condo market’s known boom has been overtaken by a new trend the hotels. Yes, you heard it right the hotels now are making its way to the scene as developers and investors are focusing their time in making hotels now more than ever. They are very much aware of the condo’s status in the market so they redirect their attention to a different bidding. It is known that the market’s overflow of condos all over Florida has caused the housing market to take a slump.

More to a fault now, the common knowledge of people is that they tend to focus their attention to what is in demand, what is in the trend or what makes the market shine. It’s like yesterday it was the condo market, the next day it’s the hotel market. It is rather amusing to watch the rise and fall of the market, the huddles and the struggles and all that. Right now, developers are there seeking building approvals for about 4 major high-rise hotels and office towers, on top of that investors are seeking more deals to go down in the hot property right now which is the hotel. It may probably the next big thing in Fort Lauderdale real estate market biggies.

More than 1 million square feet of new office space would also be built. All told, there are plans for almost 1,000 hotel beds in Fort Lauderdale’s relatively compact downtown, city building plans show. Meanwhile, high-end hotel developers were busy re-making the beach. A vertical renaissance swept through the downtown in recent years, filling it with new residential condos and lofts. It is known that right now the departure of the condo developers in downtown Fort Lauderdale and specifically the hotel builders have step their feet in the market. Two of the proposed projects originally were proposed as condos. The city’s rules for developing downtown put a limit on residential growth, and that cap has nearly been reached.

All signs are pointing to a potential hotel boom, with likely millions to spend, the condo market is having a down time, I think the condo market is indeed in a downward slide, in which the people have been rating it as a low-end in the market right now, most probably because of the condo overbuilt it have skim to people’s mind that changes are vaguely needed so that is where the hotel building came to idea. I think it’ll still be too early to tell. Up until we have settle and the numbers are printed by then we can confidently say that we are in a good market.

Jron Magcale


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