Tips to Know In Renting a Limo

In terms of hiring a limo there are some tips you can consider before choosing the right one for you.

Planning is important. One have to decide what type of limousine needed, some types are Standard Stretch, Super Stretch, SUV Hummer, Escalade, Rolls Royce, maybe a desired color and the size of the limousine, the amount of passengers that can be accommodated in the limo, the number of passengers and the like.

There are alot of limousine firms, but if you think that they are all equal, absolutely they are not. Limousine companies differ from rates and every other feature that they offer. If you heard of a limousine company who offer very reasonable rates, think again, the warning here is that, what kind of limousine they uses, the drivers, what are the features they offer, they could be using older and over used limo. Think wisely, if you only have to add up about $5-15 dollars more per hour in a first class vehicle with a professional driver. Wouldn’t it be better, having a high end and greater service than the over used one vehicle!

Now, if client actually wanted to rent more than one vehicle, like a limo, a bus, a van as their second vehicle. It is wiser to ask if the limousine company gives special offers. Actually there are some limousine companies who offer discounts when renting multiple vehicles.

A client must ask the limousine company to give a certain name and number of a person that can be contacted in terms of a problem arises. This person will be the one that you can contact about the schedules and other important details about the service that has been discussed.

There are some questions and details one should be asking and inquiring before renting limousine service to a certain company. Know how long the business is in the market, how huge their limo fleet, what types and colors of limo are available, do the limo has air condition and heat control for the passenger area, the cost, the minimum hours required, the extra rates they get for exceeding hours, types of payment, and all in there in the package and the likes.

You would also ask if the driver is wearing a uniform, since some limousine companies have standard uniforms and other don’t have. It would be better that the driver is clean and looks professional.

If ever that you’ll be using the limousine for wedding, you could also ask if they can put the ‘Just Married’ sign and if it has extra charge or if you can put your own sign.
Knowing the details are very important, you actually don’t want to end up knowing certain rules when you already have sign a contract with them.

One more thing, before signing a contract with the limousine service that you chose, wiser to read all what is written in that contract. Make sure that the details that you have discussed are there, the schedule for pick up, the destinations, the number of passengers and so on.

Be careful, research; know all the details, plan and decide ahead of time.

Eliza Maledevic

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