Limousine Selling: How To Succeed In the Industry

Limousines have always been seen as the ultimate symbols of elegance, style, glamour and luxury. The rich and famous have always been driven around in these luxurious vehicles.

The word limousine has been present for decades and takes its root from other languages; however the term familiar with all of us is that it is a long and very luxurious car driven by a person called a chauffeur. Most custom coach builders are located in the United States and Europe and cater mainly to limousine companies.

Selling up-market items such as limousines could be a tricky, and sometimes, frustrating process. A typical price of, for example, a Lincoln Town Car limousine, could range starting USD $85,000, at 2006 prices, depending on the additional features added into the vehicle. In addition to luxuries, security features such as armoring and bulletproof glass are available. Here are some general tips on effectively selling limousines to corporations, wealthy individuals or rental companies.

Understand Your Customers

You may probably have the best limousines, the most outstanding people, the finest customer service, and a stellar reputation, however if you have no customers, you are wasting your time. In order to be a successful limousine dealer, you must learn to understand your customer’s needs, the product and types of service offered, the models and price ranges available, extra amenities, and other factors such as insurance coverage, maintenance costs and upkeep requirements.

Employ An Effective Marketing Mode

In any business marketing comes first. Marketing your limousine models and services, in its most basic form, is dealing with a larger group of potential customers. When a limousine seller begins to create a marketing plan, many times it’s an overwhelming feeling, since it can usually be very expensive and involves a great deal of potential risk. This does not have to be the case.

Most upstart businessmen think that a marketing plan involves larger venues like television and radio advertising, large print ads or huge mass mailings. Certainly these are examples of marketing campaigns. But, marketing also includes something as inexpensive as a sign outside your storefront, or a very specific, targeted telemarketing campaign. The best marketing programs are efficient, relatively inexpensive, and should produce predictable results.


Generating sales should always follow your marketing plan. The idea behind successfully selling anything, especially upscale items like limousines, is that marketing brings the prospect to the door, and sales make them a customer. A sale involves approaching, meeting, presenting and closing the deal. With sales, you will deal with people on a one to one basis.

A sale involves one part enthusiasm, one part technician, one part showman, one part expert and one part trusted friend. It does not involve a lot of fast-talking, shoot from the hip wheeling and dealing. An effective limousine sales presentation must be well thought out and rehearsed. Many limousine sellers get in front of a client and say the first things that fall from their mouths. There is no logic or process to their presentation. It’s all pomp over substance, and these people cannot understand why they fail.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor

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