Limousine Rental Tip: Read The Fine Print First Before Getting One

A limousine rental service can vary with its price levels and the quality of service offered.

The simplest and most standard rental service will have the vehicle, driver, beverages and other extras. When it comes to the driver, customers need to ensure that the service provider will provide a uniformed driver for the occasion.

Hourly rates may differ, and some limo rentals will range from $45.00 an hour, $85.00 to $125.00 an hour, as some of the added amenities may be reflective in prices.

The best way for customers to get the most for their money is by comparing the products and services offered with other limo rental providers. It would also be important to ask a service provider a lot of questions with regards to the rental contract, along with the other regulations that govern the rental of these custom-made luxury vehicles.

Verify What Are The General Requirements Needed To Make a Reservation

Depending on the limousine rental service and type or provider, most rental firms will most likely ask for a valid credit card from customers, as well as a deposit to secure the date of service for you. In these instances, you need to ensure that you have your itinerary or routing details available, as this will help in quickening the processing.

If you are paying by a bank/check card, you need to bee aware that most limo rentals will authorize your credit card for a higher amount in case your service exceeds the length of time you mentioned, as in these cases, the funds will be drawn quickly. You may also wish to consider using a credit card to allow for a higher spending limit.

Learn The Regulations About Last Minute Cancellations

Depending on the policy of the rental firm, most last minute cancellations are usually considered to be billable from 2 hours prior for standard vehicles, or up to two weeks prior for stretch limousines. Under these instances, a rental service provider can determine what the rate for a last minute cancellation will be. It is your right as a consumer to get in writing what these terms are.

If a service has been arranged for you, the chances are the limousine service has declined other clients from renting that limo at the date and time you chose. If you need to cancel your reservation within ample notice of the firm you contracted, make sure to get the name of the representative and a cancellation number or verbal assurance that the ride will not be billed.

How Should You Keep in Touch With Your Chauffeur?

It is highly recommended your party and your chauffeur both exchange telephone numbers during the course of your trip. This will be helpful when you are ready to proceed to your next destination.

A majority of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels will not allow any limousines to park in the front of the building, so you need to contact your driver 10 minutes in advance before you need him. Ensure that your chauffeur has at least 2 phone numbers from other members of your group, and he or she may need to contact you as well in case of an emergency.

Verify The Policies Regarding No Shows

The most depressing scenario for a chauffeur and the company owner happens when a client doesn’t show up. A no show is when a customer no longer needs the rental service, or finds a cheaper rental firm, and does not cancel the service he/she booked with the previous one. These instances tend to have ugly outcomes, considering most rental providers will not instruct the driver to leave the location until one hour after the time the client booked the vehicle, thus giving the customer the benefit of the doubt.

After the hour has elapsed, the driver is sent back to the garage and this usually gets their schedules messed-up. If this happens, customers can expect to be charged for the entire trip, along with additional waiting time incurred, and other penalties like tolls, parking, etc.

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