What Your Limousine Says About You

A limousine is an unusually long luxury car, which traditionally sports black or white colors. These vehicles are most commonly driven by chauffeurs and are often associated with the wealthy and famous. While some limousines are owned by individuals, many are owned or operated by governments to transport dignitaries or senior politicians.

Many vehicles are also owned by large companies to transport their executives and senior officers. Many limousines today operate as livery vehicles, to provide rental services for different types of occasions, and they are currently providing an upscale competition to taxicabs.

Limousines Enhance Special Occasions

Limousines are used for all types of occasions, from weddings, birthdays to school dances to weddings to bachelor/bachelorette parties. Limousines are great to have for Bar Mitzvah’s, concerts, private parties, anniversaries, or just a night on the town. These special vehicles can seat as many people as you need, depending on the occasion. If the occasion were to be a wedding and the limousine was for the bride and the bridesmaids, the brides dress should be added as an extra person or two.

People in formal attire need to be aware that there should be enough room for everyone to ensure that no one’s formal attire can ruin and destroy the evening. In some occasions such as proms, teenagers do not mind having to sit on each others laps, as long as they can all fit as many individuals on a tight budget in their limo. When planning a corporate affair, each client needs enough room to move around and give them space.

A Limousine Gives An Extra Air Of Privilege

Limousines are seen as high-end means of transportation. Soon after, the six-door limousine was invented, these vehicles were initially used as funeral cars and were built on Cadillac Chasis’.

Over time, limousines continued to become more and more popular. They were used to transport everyone from movie stars to the President of the United States, wherever they were needed. Should you be given the the chance to ride in one, you’ll find out just how it effectively gives you the feel of a movie star as he or she is driven to a movie premiere.

Limousines Help In Enhancing Your Personality

At present, the development of newer limousine designs and coaches has made the vehicle more appealing not just for middle-aged individuals but for the younger set as well. For corporate buffs, more formal variants such as the Lincoln Town Car, Mercedes Benz S-Class, or Cadillac DTS make for a perfect statement in style and serves as symbols of authority.

For the quite younger crowd, the development of the SUV limo, has turned the vehicle from being just a mere formal fashion statement, into a vehicle of choice for the flashy and adventurous. SUV limos such as the Hummer H2 and H3, the Cadillac Escalade and others have made it more appealing for those who wish to arrive in style, as well as serving up the right vehicle for out-of-town excursions and late-night clubbing and partying.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor


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