New Zealand Ministers Will Soon Use New “Green” BMW Limousine

The future New Zealand Prime Minister could race to rugby tests in the same Hydrogen-powered BMW limousine that actor Brad Pitt uses to get to movie premieres.

Having just won the government limousine contract, BMW has offered ministers an exclusive test-drive of the BMW Hydrogen 7 in Melbourne next month.

The Hydrogen 7 is the German company’s next step in “green” cars from the 34 diesel-powered limousines ministers and other dignitaries will soon be ferried about in.

The Hydrogen 7 is much-hyped – the 100 produced have been loaned or leased to high-profile “green ambassadors” such as Brad Pitt, who took one to the Oceans 13 premiere in Hollywood this year.

They are not for sale and have no shelf-price. The hydrogen engine is a step away from fossil fuels, and the cars discharge almost nothing but water vapor. They require hydrogen stations to fill up – and New Zealand has none.

BMW New Zealand spokesman Piers Scott said it had invited Government ministers and Opposition members to try the car, although he would not give names. Government officials, environmental opinion-leaders and media would also be invited.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor


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